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Food is Our Common Ground

Meet the Team Behind Cook Gourmet

Sanny Chaudhary Co-founder

Sanny is responsible for driving Operations and wants to re-engineer the supply chain of distributing perishable, fresh and processed ingredients in an effective and lasting manner. Before launching Cook Gourmet, he worked at Knowlarity Communications, managing their South Asia sales/operations. He has also spent more than two years in the field of finance, as an investment banking analyst at the Bank of America and as a commodities derivatives trader at Futures First. Sanny holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Daman Singh Kohli Co-founder

Daman is responsible for recipe development and has mastered the recipe of converting the art of food into science and logic. Prior to this, Daman worked for Merisis Capital a boutique investment banking setup in Mumbai where he played a crucial role in Series A funding of Knowlarity Communications and Ola cabs. Daman later joined Knowlarity and worked with management to drive revenues and headed their international expansion in Singapore. Daman has a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from JIIT Noida.

Neha Pandey Creative Head

Neha, picked her first camera when she was in fifth grade and learned to develop films when she turned 15, but it took her a 4 month unchartered road travel from Ladakh to Kerala, after leaving her finance job with Ernst Young to find her calling in photography. Although she was introduced to Cook Gourmet as a photographer initially, she now handles all the aspects of brand building. 

Kavita Dureha Recipe Consultant

Kavita has almost 30 years of cooking experience and has worked with renowned chef Nita Mehta in her cooking classes. Indian mindset related to food is understood by her very well; she is very modern in her thinking and keeps herself abreast about all the latest cooking techniques. She is the bridge connecting us from home cooking to restaurant style gourmet cooking.

Akriti Jain Ninja

Akriti is an active food blogger, reviewer, content writer and a self-taught cook. She has completed her graduation in Economics from Delhi University and now plans to pursue her passion for cooking full time. At Cook Gourmet, she handles numerous responsibilities from recipe writing to plating and cooking. She is also a part of our creative team, hence the title "NINJA". 

Tejasvi Arneja Fusion Freak

Tejasvi is in his third year at IIHM; he is very passionate about food and has had the knack for cooking since a very young age. He learnt cooking from a Bengali lady and holds her teachings in very high regard. At Cook Gourmet, he helps with providing recipes and loves experimenting with new flavors and techniques.

Pratyush Vaibhav Graphic Designer

Pratyush is a self-taught graphic designer. He loves putting elements of symbology into his designs. Design for him is gutsy art; other than professional work he maintains a portfolio of his personal projects. The recipe card that comes at your doorstep is the work of art of our very talented designer. Apart from recipe cards, he also handles the design aspect of our major and minor ad campaigns.

Rohit Gambhir Food Photographer

Learning the art of making the food look appetizing and appealing is a tough one to master. Rohit has done his full course in food photography and gained experience working at some of the best restaurants and hotels around town (doing food shoots and styling). He does exceptionally well in bringing out the best from our kitchen.

Sonam Gambhir Food Stylist

Sonam’s research in food styling and experience in working with Rohit has taught her many skills. She left her job at a prestigious MNC to support her husband (Rohit) in his food venture and start up. They work as a team and deliver spectacular work. You can find a ton of things in her 'little’ styling kit which make our photoshoots a smooth affair. She believes in getting things done and done in the right way.

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