Preparation Time
    35 Mins
    Spice Level  

Spicy Tawa Paneer Tikka Rollby Julia Carmen Desa

Rs. 400 Serves 2
2 (Servings)

Paneer tikka dish originating in South Asia where it remains popular in India and Pakistan. It is traditionally small pieces of paneer baked using skewers in a clay oven called a tandoor after marinating in spices and yogurt- essentially a vegetarian take on our tandoori chicken tikka. The word tikka means "bits" or "pieces". It is also a dish served in Punjabi cuisine.

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Rs. 400Serves 2

2 (Servings)

NUTRITIONAmount Per Serving

    • Calories630


    Non Stick Wok
    Salt & Pepper

INGREDIENTSPortion for 2

    FlavourBox A
    FlavourBox B
    FalvourBox C
    200g paneer
    4 rumali rotis
    1/2 cup yogurt
    1/2 cup onion
    1 lemon
    2 tbsp coriander leaves
    2 tbsp vegetable oil

    Julia Carmen Desa

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      Marinate the paneer in FlavourBox A Empty the paneer pieces into a bowl and add FlavourBox A along with 1/2 tsp salt (not provided). Use your hands to mix well and keep aside for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, hang the yogurt in a sieve for 10 minutes (it will release water and become thick).


      Marinate the paneer with more flavors In a bowl, mix together yogurt along with FlavourBox B and FlavourBox C. Add the paneer to this new mixture and toss well. Marinate for another 15 minutes (If you want to marinate longer, you can).


      Fry the marinated paneer Heat oil in a non-stick wok for 2 minutes on high flame; add half the paneer into the wok leaving out the excess marinade. Fry for 4 minutes turning once after every minute. Take out on a plate and repeat the same process for the next batch.


      Dry off the marinade and serve Take all the paneer out of the wok; add the leftover marinade to the oil and dry it off on high flame for 2-3 minutes. Mix the cooked paneer in the marinade and coriander leaves. Warm the rumali roti, layer the paneer along with onion slices and a good squeeze of lemon. Roll and enjoy.

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