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    1. What is Cook Gourmet ?

    We believe that everyone wants to cook something special. For some it can be a stress buster that helps them to relax, for others it gives them the opportunity to spend quality time with someone special, or an excuse to throw a party and call over friends.

    Each one of us enjoys good food and have always aspired to cook that special dish, ever wondered what has been stopping us from doing it. After searching half a dozen recipe websites and youtube videos you can’t find that special recipe or you are too lazy to go out and shop or afraid it may not turn out well.

    Cook Gourmet is here to help, we take care of everything right from helping you select a recipe to delivering its fresh ingredients. You spend your valuable time on just cooking and bragging about your culinary skills with your loved ones and friends.

    2. How does Cook Gourmet work ?

    Cook Gourmet wants to make your cooking experience fun and help you feel like a Chef. Our recipes have been designed by team of experienced chefs. We save your shopping time , prep time and wastage by delivering ingredients in exact proportion needed to cook a recipe.

    Just order a recipe from us and we will do all the hardwork for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your cooking with our simple to follow instruction steps.

    So order our box, don your chef's hat and experience the joy of cooking.

    3. What comes inside the box ?

    Our box is special, apart from the convenience of delivering pre cut and ingredients required in exact portion, we have worked hard to ensure that we source ingredients from best vendors. It’s like you have gone out shopping for a special meal.

    We also include a list of equipments that you will need at home to cook, directly from our recipe card

    4. How do you ensure that ingredients stays fresh ?

    We have gone all the way to ensure freshness of our ingredients, right down from sourcing to packaging. All our veggies and poultry are vacuum packed and they can withstand extensive temperature change.

    Once you receive our magic box, you can easily refrigerate them for 3-4 days in case you are not planning to cook on the same day.

    5. Do you deliver organic ingredients ?

    Not right now, but we are working on it and will be launching it soon

    6. Do you provide nutritional value and calorie count ?

    Absolutely, we feel that apart from taste meals prepared by you should be healthy. We provide parameters like calorie count and information related to carbohydrates, protein and fats. In case you require more information please reach us on and we will get back to you.

    7. What do i need to have at home ?

    We make sure that our recipes don’t require any special equipment and ingredients except conventional cooking utensils, salt, cooking oil and water. While ordering we clearly mention cooking equipments and ingredients that you need.

    8. How do you source your recipes ?

    We are working with experienced chefs on our platform, each of the recipes available have been selected after trying out them in our test kitchen and scored based on cuisine and difficulty level.

    While you order you can read more about the chef behind it, his previous recipes and its rating and customer reviews. You can also directly message our chefs in case you would like to discuss more about the recipe or any query you have related to cooking.

    9. How long does it take to cook each dish ?

    We mention the preparation time for each recipe. It can vary from under 30 mins to an hour.

    10. What is Difficulty Level mentioned in a recipe ?

    We want you to help graduate your culinary skills in a phased manner. In case you only know how to light a gas stove and boil water we recommend you to start with ‘Easy’ recipes, as you gain more confidence you can try harder ones.

    11. When do you deliver ?

    We deliver Tuesdays to Sundays in three delivery slots
    Morning : 11 am to 1 pm
    Afternoon : 3 pm to 5 pm
    Evening : 7pm to 8:30pm
    We take orders till beginning of delivery slot, for instance you can place a order by 7 pm for the evening slot.

    12. How much time do i need to order in advance ?

    We take orders till beginning of delivery slot, for instance you can place a order by 7 pm for the evening slot. During the checkout process you can mention your preferable time and we will try to accommodate your request.

    13. Where do you deliver ?

    We Currently deliver in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida.

    14. Do you charge extra for delivery ?

    Delivery is free and will always be

    15. What portion size that you offer ?, I have friends coming over can i order in bulk ?

    Our default pack serves 2 persons but you have choice to order for 4, 6 and 8 persons. In case you have more friends to welcome, don’t be afraid and get in touch with us on and we will help you

    16. Do you offer orders for singles ?

    We currently don't offer single order portions. We suggest you take the leftover to your workplace and let the world know that 'You are a Chef'.

    17. Can i change my existing order ?

    Too bad you had to delay experiencing our magic box. We take order changes till the time the box has left our premises for delivery. Please reach us on or give us a call on +91 99-9920-828-104 and we will do best to accommodate your request

    18. What if my recipe card gets lost or spoilt ?

    No need to worry, just visit 'order history' tab on your accounts page and you can download recipe cards for all the recipes previously ordered.

    19. What is policy for missing or incorrect ingredients ?

    While our robots are programmed not to commit any mistake while packing, they are also human! In case you notice a missing or incorrect ingredient, reach our customer experience team on and we will issue a full refund for that recipe.

    20. Can we send the replacement?

    Unfortunately not, each of our ingredients is sourced fresh and we need to plan well ahead because of our changing menu.